DrumPattern 1

Create drum beats on any desktop or mobile device

Make drum beat using online drum beat maker

DrumPattern is pattern-based drum-machine that allows you to create complex drum beats and fills with complete drum kit on any smartphone or tablet.

DrumPattern is an online service that gives you an ability to share your drum beats with other people with no sign up needed.

You can make beats from scratch or use drum beats from the drum pattern library.

DrumPattern allows storing your own drum pattern libraries (sign up needed).

With DrumPattern you can embed drum pattern sequencer to your own web site via iframe. Number of iframes per page is limited to 6 (browser limitation).

Feature list:

- pattern editor

- tempo adjustment

- velocity adjustment

- time signature adjustment

- metronome click

- downloading drum beat as to wav-file (for desktop only)

- unlimited undo & redo

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DrumPattern 1

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